My name is Steeven Caceres and I am the director and founder of the Academy of Leaders. Currently, I am pursuing a bachelors in Accounting in which I utilize to keep my company afloat. I have been a tutor for about 7 years and I did not expect it to become my full-time job. At the beginning it was just a hobby but then, this hobby became my passion. 


I enjoy tutoring and mentoring every single student of the Academy of Leaders. I know their stories and for me it is a privilege to be able to serve so many families in Central Florida. My students are family to me, and I have walked and aided many of them from Elementary to High School. I see them grow humanly and academically just as I see them reach many milestones. At the Academy of Leaders, children develop their potential as they conquer their fears, live their dreams, and become outstanding citizens. It is my passion to see our students succeed, and I love every second of my job.